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A radically restructured economy has made organizations step back and re-think their goals and strategies. The quest for re-envisioning has got businesses to think, work and connect in entirely new ways. They now demand more value from technology in the form of speed, agility and flexibility.  However, this doesn’t come without the impending fear of exposing itself to the risk that any new technology brings about. Global majors are required to tread the line between sharing what’s necessary and divulging too much, very carefully to ensure they stay ahead in the game.

In this pursuit of becoming the best in the world, global businesses have expanded their sourcing and innovation footprint throughout the world through Global In-house Centres (GICs). A GIC has to go through the maturity curve, take correct sourcing decisions, get a fool proof governance model in place and have a leadership team that can help achieve business success through excellence.

What started as a center to do operational work, has now transformed into Centers of Excellence. GICs today have managed to deploy new and innovative services that help in attaining the strategic business objective. However, to rest on the past achievements would mean committing hara-kiri. The Global In-house Centers need to ensure that an ideation environment is built and sustained for continuous growth. With emerging economies becoming the hotbed of innovation, developed countries are leveraging the advantage each such center has to offer. Innovation, by far has to be in the forefront of handling the change in the environment and sustenance.

While ideation would be the key, it would also be important to keep an eye on cost effectiveness. As the GICs move up the value chain, they start to add value beyond delivery through business process improvements. Delivering high skill services by leveraging domain specific knowledge and capabilities would help them in creating a sustainable value proposition.

However, all the above would come to a zilch, if the organization doesn’t have the right talent to deliver value. Creating a global leadership pipeline has to be a constant on the agenda of GICs. Attracting and retaining the talent continues to be high on the agenda of GICs.

Industry and analysts would come together at the NASSCOM GIC Conclave 2013, April 05, Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore, to discuss how to Globalize, Innovate and Compete. Since these topics resonate with your business interests, ensure you don’t miss on the 3rd edition of this GIC focused conclave.


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